windmillWherever possible CREEC will be applying the most appropriate sustainability technology.

A windmill drives water into the nursery ponds

Organic Waste & Wastewater Treatment System

A Dowmus Bio-reactor

Uses a special ecosystem containing worms and other beneficial organisms, simultaneously filter wastewater, and convert organic waste into a valuable soil enhancing medium. This product was selected as the winner on ABC Tv's Inventors program as the winner from over 3000 inventions. Biolytix Technologies was the sewerage treatment system to be awarded a Global Eco-tech Award at the World Expo in Japan.

For more information on this product go to Biolytix Technologies Pty Ltd

Photovoltaic System

Australia's first photovoltaic (PV) system to be funded under the Federal Government's Photovoltaic Rebate Program for Community Use Buildings was installed in July 2000


The $52,000 system was designed and supplied by Choice Electric and is owned by Stanwell Corporation. It will generate 7.3MWh of renewable energy per annum, which will be sold to Energex Retail for use in the earth's choice renewable energy program.

The project attracted a $29,776 rebate from the Federal Government and Stanwell provided the remaining funds.

Friends of CREEC decided to install a grid-interactive photovoltaic system to reduce the centre's reliance on fossil fuels and to provide a hands-on teaching tool in the field of sustainable energy. CREEC is managed to ensure that all aspects of the centre give the right environmental message from not using plastic throw-away cups to recycling, energy use and the design of the buildings.

The main building provides a working demonstration of how effective insulation, solar hot water systems, effective shading, alignment of buildings and correct choice of materials can reduce energy needs. The core principles of living in harmony with the environment and not over-using scarce resources are integrated into all of the functions and activities at the centre.

CREEC-building-solar-panelsCREEC's photovoltaic system was designed by a team of specialists from Choice Electric Company. The 5kW system comprises 60 solar panels (82 watts peak) and three 1.6kW power inverters connected to Energex's three-phase grid. The system can produce up to 7.3MWh per annum. To capture maximum sunlight, the panels face north and sit at 28°. Because the pitch of the roof was at the right angle, the panels are mounted flush to the roof. While the system will substantially reduce energy bills at CREEC, the primary purpose of the installation was to provide an educational focus rather than a commercial bonanza. The computer display monitors electricity generated by the system, providing a hands-on learning tool for school and community groups.

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