MORETON BAY KOALA RESCUE INC. is a not-for-profit volunteer organisation involved in the direct rescue and care of injured or sick koalas across the Moreton Bay Region, including Caboolture, Redcliffe and Pine Rivers.
Our members are from all parts of the region, and reflect a growing community concern for the visibly rapid decline in our resident koala population.
Our rescue teams drive thousands of kilometres per month picking up injured or sick koalas, delivery of animals to the Australian Wildlife Hospital, transfer to carers and/or rehabilitation and release activities. Our carers are dedicated to saving the koala, giving long hours, interrupted sleep, emotional and financial investment in every aspect of care, for every animal.
portfolio 6 20120825 1739580893Today it is all too common to hear about the koala species being threatened by cars, roads, dogs, tree clearing, urban development, fire and disease - we call these - the seven deadly sins.
Help us protect the koalas, by contacting us when you see a sick or injured koalas, volunteer with us, become a member and maintain a koala friendly property.  If you cannot join us, please support us. At the very least, enter our rescue number in your mobile phone and immediately report any injured or sick looking koalas you find: 0401 080 333.
And don’t forget to report every sighting (dead or alive) to us!

Find out more about us on our website.