Lycopersicon esculentum



Plant habit: Short lived perennial indeterminate - vine that may require staking
Sow: 18-26 °C min temp 16°C for germination
Grow: Full sun, moisture retentive well drained soil. Ph 5.5 -7. Do not over fertilise. Heavy Feeder. Fruit doesn't set below 12°C or above 35°C. Plant seedlings deep up to their first leaves. Don't water overhead.
Pollination: self pollinating Crosses with: may cross if it is an older variety
Seed Saving: Save seeds when fruit is just over ripe. Put seeds in jar with tiny amount of water and leave undisturbed for 3 days. Mould laver will form on top remove then sieve out water from remaining seeds. Then dry seeds. Seeds can also be collected by putting straight on to paper - but will take longer to germinate if done this way
Uses: Leaves and stems are poisonous.


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