Carica papaya


Paw Paw

Plant habit: Small herbaceous tree with hollow stem to 9mtrs.
Sow: In trays. Germinates in 2-4 weeks.
Grow: In rich well-drained soil away from the wind. Leaves last 4-6 months before falling. It fruits within the first year. Plants are best to be replaced every 5 years.
Pollination: Hermaphroditic variety. By moths Crosses with: Carica papaya
Seed Saving: Remove seeds then ferment to remove pulp. Dry out of direct light till they change colour and shrivel. Seed from hermaphroditic plants will produce seed of both female and hermaphroditic plants.
Uses: Peeled and deseeded used as a desert. It is used to sooth cuts and burns and aids with digestion. Unripe fruits are cooked like a vegetable or the sap is used as a meat tenderiser. DO NOT have unripe fruit without researching it first. Seeds can be used as a pepper.


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