Cucumis sativus



Plant habit: Annual vine
Sow: 16-32 °C . Plant directly in mounds or trays to keep warm.
Grow: Full sun. Likes high organic matter . Grow on a trellis to reduce fungal problems. Fertilise regularly with seaweed spray. Keep picking fruit to encourage flowers. Don't overhead water, but water well. PH 6-7.5. Mulch well.
Pollination: Male and female flowers on same plant. Crosses with: cucumis sativis
Seed Saving: Leave fruit on the vine after ripen - they will change colour. Remove pulp and seeds and ferment till the jelly dissolves. Wash in a sieve. Dry for two weeks move seeds around to separate.
Uses: Leaves used in salad. Used in raitas. Good for the kidneys.


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