Capsicum frutescens


Chilli - birds Eye

Plant habit: perennial bush
Sow: Best grown in trays. Spring/Sum 20°C min for seed germination. Sow .6cm deep.
Grow: Require good soil as they are heavy feeders. Ph 5.5-6.5. Stake if exposed to wind.
Don't plant where other solanaceae have been to avoid a build up of root knot nematodes. Matures after 90 days.
Pollination: Self pollinates/cross pollinated by insects Crosses with Capsicum varieties chilli var. dominates over capsicum if crossed.
Seed Saving: Scrape out seeds and dry in the shade for a couple of days until they no longer bend - no washing req. (seeds can be separated in blender).
Uses: High in protein, vitamin K and C.


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