Cacomantis flabelliformis


Fan-tailed Cuckoo

The Fan-tailed Cuckoo is a slender cuckoo and the adult bird is easily identified by a yellow eye ring (slightly greenish in young birds), its generally dark slate-grey back and wings, becoming pale rufous below, with a boldly barred black and white under tail. Younger birds are duller and browner in colour.
The species in Australia eats a variety of insect and their larvae, fruits and vegetables, small reptiles, mammals and birds, especially bird chicks.
In Australia the species breeds from July to January. They only lay one mauve white with red and/or brown spotted egg in the nest of other birds like fairy wrens or thornbill. The nest preferred is usually domed in shape.
Voice is like a descending trill with a grasshopper-like chirrip.  Click Here, scroll down and select the music note to hear the call of the Fan-tailed Cuckoo.

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