Alisterus scapularis


Australian King-parrot

The parrots are usually around 40 to 45 cms in length (which includes a 20cm tail). The male king parrot sports a brilliant red breast and head, black tail and dark green body. The female has a dullish green head and body with a dullish red underbelly.
King Parrot feed on seeds, fruit, berries, nuts, nectar, blossoms, leaf buds, and insects and their larvae. Seeds of eucalypts, angophoras and acacias make up a major proportion of the diet, and these are procured mostly in the trees and shrubs.
The breeding season lasts from September or possibly late August, to January. King Parrots nest in a hollow limb or hole in a tree, usually in the trunk of a tall tree standing in or at the edge of a forest. A favoured site is in the hollow trunk of an eucalypt, entrance being where a limb has broken off, and the hollow is usually very deep with eggs being at or near ground level.


Loud, high-pitched whistle, with a rolling "carr-ack" call in flight.

Australian King Parrot bird call


Photo courtesy of Nadine Anderson.

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