Accipiter novaehollandiae


Grey Goshawk


Robust, short-winged medium sized raptor.  The Grey Goshawk has broad inner wings and rounded outer wings, a short, broad tail with square tip when folded.  Females are larger than the male. Adults are pure white or white with grey back, faint grey barring on breast and bright yellow legs and over the top of the beak. Juveniles are similar to adult or slightly darker and breast more barred, legs pale yellow and over the top of the beak is yellow. Length 0.6 m. Wingspan to 1.1 m.


Grey Goshawks feed on birds, small mammals, reptiles and insects, capturing prey by striking with their long, powerful clawed toes. It pursues its prey in flight, striking at speed, and even chases prey into dense undergrowth. It will also use ambush and surprise to catch birds, included the introduced Common Starling. The larger females can take larger prey than males.

Grey Goshawks form permanent pairs that defend a home territory year round. Both sexes constructs a stick nest lined with leaves high in a tree fork, and often re-use the same nest. The grey and white colour morphs interbreed freely, and this species has (very rarely) interbred with Brown Goshawks. While the female does most of the incubation, the male relieves her when she needs to feed, and catches most of the food for the young, which the female tears up for them to eat.


Males have a high, piercing 'kieek-kieek' and female calls slower and mellower.  Click and follow link to play the Grey Goshawk bird call









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