Sustainable Technology

windmillWherever possible CREEC will be applying the most appropriate sustainability technology.

A windmill drives water into the nursery ponds

Organic Waste & Wastewater Treatment System

A Dowmus Bio-reactor

Uses a special ecosystem containing worms and other beneficial organisms, simultaneously filter wastewater, and convert organic waste into a valuable soil enhancing medium. This product was selected as the winner on ABC Tv's Inventors program as the winner from over 3000 inventions. Biolytix Technologies was the sewerage treatment system to be awarded a Global Eco-tech Award at the World Expo in Japan.

For more information on this product go to Biolytix Technologies Pty Ltd

Photovoltaic System

Australia's first photovoltaic (PV) system to be funded under the Federal Government's Photovoltaic Rebate Program for Community Use Buildings was installed in July 2000


The $52,000 system was designed and supplied by Choice Electric and is owned by Stanwell Corporation. It will generate 7.3MWh of renewable energy per annum, which will be sold to Energex Retail for use in the earth's choice renewable energy program.

The project attracted a $29,776 rebate from the Federal Government and Stanwell provided the remaining funds.

Friends of CREEC decided to install a grid-interactive photovoltaic system to reduce the centre's reliance on fossil fuels and to provide a hands-on teaching tool in the field of sustainable energy. CREEC is managed to ensure that all aspects of the centre give the right environmental message from not using plastic throw-away cups to recycling, energy use and the design of the buildings.

The main building provides a working demonstration of how effective insulation, solar hot water systems, effective shading, alignment of buildings and correct choice of materials can reduce energy needs. The core principles of living in harmony with the environment and not over-using scarce resources are integrated into all of the functions and activities at the centre.

CREEC-building-solar-panelsCREEC's photovoltaic system was designed by a team of specialists from Choice Electric Company. The 5kW system comprises 60 solar panels (82 watts peak) and three 1.6kW power inverters connected to Energex's three-phase grid. The system can produce up to 7.3MWh per annum. To capture maximum sunlight, the panels face north and sit at 28°. Because the pitch of the roof was at the right angle, the panels are mounted flush to the roof. While the system will substantially reduce energy bills at CREEC, the primary purpose of the installation was to provide an educational focus rather than a commercial bonanza. The computer display monitors electricity generated by the system, providing a hands-on learning tool for school and community groups.

To download a pdf format brochure on the PV System click 


CREEC Festival is Saturday 27th August

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the CREEC Festival this year on Saturday 27th August 2016 from 10am - 3pm.

Creec will be a bustling with hands on learning experiences, talks from the experts and guided tours for the whole family.  Come along for some fun!

We are currently looking for supports and stallholders.  If you are interested in supporting our event as a stallholder, please contact Wayne Marsh before 25th June 2016 on (07) 3888 8751 for more information.

Main Building


Environmental Displays


Library creecplayground
The building at CREEC can be hired  through MBRC for a fee,  you are required to fill out a  room hire application

Tutorial - Website Overall


The website contains some key areas


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Groups sections

 This section is for member groups of CREEC.  Groups can have their own section, with a different look,  and menu 


This section aims to collect and build up knowledge of flora, fauna, and sustainability.  This is presented via a database repository and articles.  There is also a Blog, which is where well researched and short articles are presented with the option of comments form readers


Staying in Touch

Education Coordinator

Education Facilitator


We are seeking enthusiastic and committed individuals, who are interested in helping out with education and education related events at the Caboolture Region
Environmental Education Centre (CREEC). In this role you will assist the Education
Coordinator deliver fun and engaging presentations to a range of school students
and be involved with promoting CREEC at local events and in the broader


The Caboolture Region Environmental Education Centre (CREEC) has been
delivering education for just over 10 years. Education is one of the four main areas
CREEC facilitates along with the nursery, site development and events.

The CREEC environmental programs promote effective teaching and learning to
enable/empower people of all ages/families to become active, informed citizens, to
equip them to participate in the creation/building of an ecologically sustainable future.

The programs utilise the resources of CREEC and its affiliated organisations to
provide a range of educational activities and experiences that develop skills for
improved natural resource management, an appreciation of the importance of
environmental values and opportunities to engagae in practical projects emphasizing sustainability


Throughout the year we receive a number of school bookings from a variety of
schools both primary and secondary in the Moreton Bay Region. Depending on the
school booking, some environmental education programs are tailored to the specific
needs of the school group. Our environmental education programs can be found on

the Moreton Bay Regional Council's website for teachers and schools to see


Our environmental programs utilise CREEC's superb facilities. We have a large
auditorium where we conduct presentations to school groups and community
members. Within the auditorium the centre has up-to-date technology with an
interactive smart board which can be used for workshops, school presentations,
meetings and other functions. Also at the centre is a large outdoor area for use with
outdoor activities for children, playground equipment and BBQ facilities 

Skills needed

• If you are an ex-teacher, studying education, have worked in the education
field, like educating children or would like to volunteer please consider this
• Any qualifications would be advantageous, but not necessary.
• Education qualifications are desirable
• Sound communication skills to deliver lessons to children an advantage


• Be available to volunteer on some days when we have school bookings. You
may be required for up to 5 hours if a school group is visiting CREEC. This
can be negotiated depending on other commitments. We are flexible in
arrangements with volunteers.
• Friendly and enthusiastic.
• Enjoy working with children.
• Creative and innovative.
• Passionate or interested in educating about the environment.
• Willingness to learn and be involved with the local community.
• Be available for some initial training.
• Dress appropriately when working with children.
• Have a blue card (working with children card). If you do not have a card then
we can send away for one.

Start date 





as many as can be provided


Wayne Marsh
Current volunteers


Playground & BBQ

Beside the Administration building is a children's playground. A great meeting place for parents and good fun for the kids

Forest Walk



Take a walk in the forest and particularly enjoy the rainforest vegetation. Some of the trees are hundreds of years old. You may see a koala, wallaby, or even a goanna